Mitch Friedman's Purple Burt


(Sung by Dr. Fritz Van Nozzle)

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Hello there Burt, hello there Kurt
Won't you please tuck in your shirts?
As you can see, there are many things
that can spill or simply spurt
Allow me please to introduce
my humble self to both of youse
My name is Doctor Fritz von Nozzle
The gas I make I store in bozzles
I understand you that you have come
to fill your jars with perhaps some
of my new mixtures and concoctions?
To transfer them we will need suction
A spritz of this, a squirt of those
a swizzle stick goes to and frose
Then over heat, I bring my beaker
Tiptoe up and take a peeker

What a gas I have in here!
What a gas! Yes it is clear
What a gas, I so love mixing!
What's the gas I have been fixing?

I've made some Hydrogen and Lowdrogen
some Speedium and Slowdrogen
Loop-d'Loopogen and Poop-poop-d'Doopogen
Some Sillium, some Serious
Boron and Curious
Half an itty bitty liter of some PeterPumpkinEther
Propane and Amateuric
mixed with Trick Neon from Zurich
Funny thing, it makes me laugh
I've used all my Laughing Gas!

So step right up and pop your stoppers
I'll fill your jars to the toppers!
What a gas you'll have with these!
What, a gas? No they won't freeze
What a gas, enjoy my gasses!
Now can you help me find my glasses?

Written by Mitch Friedman © 2005 Meechmusic. About Mitch