Mitch Friedman's Purple Burt


(Sung by Purple Burt)

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All aboard, all aboard for Pluto
Got my skis and my deep-freeze suit-o
We will fly as fast as light
Got to get there by tonight
See us soar as we head for Pluto

Gonna land, gonna land on Pluto
On the sand, use a parachute-o
Snowy peaks fill the horizon
and they sure look appetizin'
Flew so far, here we are on Pluto

Push off, slide down
speed up, glide 'round
aloft, back flip
hit soft, then slip
become snowball
Best day of all!

This is Plutopia!
This is Plutopia!!
This is Plutopia!!!
My secret ski-slopia!!!!,

If I lived, if I lived on Pluto
I'd sell hot cocoa and make lots of loot-o
Then I'd build a jet pack playground
Kids would fill it with their "Yay!" sounds
What a tiime, glad that I'm on Pluto

Was it fun, was it fun on Pluto?
Never have I had such a hoot-o
Can a dream come true? Well can it?
Look no further than this planet
Got to be, got to ski on Pluto

Written by Mitch Friedman and Andy Partridge Meechmusic. About Mitch