Mitch Friedman's Purple Burt


(Sung by Do-Re-Mimi)

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(This is her very first single, just recorded for
her new manager Morty Moneyman)

tunes are made to play and to be sung
to take either away
would be killing half the fun
you should not get embarrassed or feel shy
even those with laryngitis
should give it a try

imagine if you had a name like mine
people would expect you
to be singing all the time
so even if you have a so-so voice,
whether to or whether not
is hardly any choice

sing anyway . . .

don't let them tell you not to
take it from me you've got to
open your mouth up wide
show us with all your pride
no i don't mean your tonsils
belt out a song and once you
get over how you sound
everybody will gather 'round . . .

opera, soul and pop are here for you
there's disco, gospel, punk 'n rap,
plus rock and country too
but even if you just try "doe-a-deer",
the worst thing that can happen
is we cover up our ears

sing anyway . . .

Written by Mitch Friedman © 2005 Meechmusic. About Mitch