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August 20, 2018



February 1, 2006

4 BRAND NEW BONUS SONGS were added to this site. They can be downloaded for free, or just listened to by going here. For those with less than a high speed connection, all 4 songs together add up to a mere 7.4 MB. Go on, grab 'em!

These new songs are a thank you to everyone who has said nice things about the PURPLE BURT cd, and for all the kids who want to hear more. I hope you enjoy them!


September 19, 2005:

PURPLE BURT has won a prestigious National Parenting Publications Honors Award! This distinction recognizes PURPLE BURT as among the best toys, books, DVDs, software, music and spoken-word recordings available for children in 2005. Check out on November 1, 2005 for the official announcement.

In June PURPLE BURT was featured in its entirety as a special program on XMKids satellite radio. And for the last three months the song "Wonder Where" has been in the station's top 10 most played songs.

Several new reviews have been added to the reviews section of this site.

Stay tuned for some brand new songs, only available right here!


August 1, 2005:

Welcome to the PURPLE BURT web site! There are many fun things you can do while you're here.

Listen to the whole album, while reading the lyrics and looking at the illustrations. Read about all the different characters, including some brand new ones. Talk about PURPLE BURT on the messageboard, and even ask him a question! Download a lot of the illustrations and color them in yourself, or even do some coloring right on this web site. Read lots of reviews about PURPLE BURT, and a few interviews too. Buy the PURPLE BURT cd, or my two other cds. And lots more!

In the near future, there will be some brand new songs and some other surprises. If you want to know when new stuff gets added, go to my bio page and just enter your email address. Until then, have fun!


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