Mitch Friedman's Purple Burt


(Sung by Purple Burt)

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Rope goes round and round
it hits the ground and makes a clicking sound
as feet go up and down
and down and up and down and up and down

I hope I see my Do-Re-Mimi soon again
so she can sing me a pretty tune again
I hope my daddy will come back to me again
so we can throw a ball and crawl near sea again

I hope . . .

Jumping rope is not just excellent exercise
If you hope, great things may appear before your eyes

I hope I become visible to everyone
and finally experience most every fun
I hope I'll see some colors one day very soon
so I can enjoy all that blooms in early June

I hope . . .

Written by Mitch Friedman © 2005 Meechmusic. About Mitch