Mitch Friedman's Purple Burt


BIO: The three meanest kids in school who made fun of Purple Burt the most for being purple . . . Also the three sleepiest kids in school, where all the children spend most of the day napping . . . While spying on Purple Burt, they noticed him eating purple dirt and suddenly becoming very energetic . . . They are currently working on a plan to find the purple dirt and keep it all to themselves

  • Favorite color - Black
  • Favorite food - Warm milk
  • Favorite song - "Bed, Bed, Bed" by They Might Be Giants
  • Favorite thing to do - Daydream
  • Favorite toy - Binoculars
  • When we grow up we want to - Have a bigger bed with built in tv, iPad, and refrigerator.

Written by Mitch Friedman © 2005 Meechmusic. About Mitch