Mitch Friedman's Purple Burt


BIO: "Superstar Maker to the Stars" and President of Moneyman Management since 1952 . . . "Has personally handled the careers of such showbiz legends as funnyman Kinch O'Keefe, singer Ralphie Rigatoni, and award nominated actress Vivian Cloverleaf, to name just a few" . . . Owns a mansion and a yacht combo houseboat . . . Just signed Do-Re-Mimi and is helping her make "Sing Anyway" a worldwide hit.

  • Favorite color - Green
  • Favorite food - A nice piece of chocolate 27-layer cake and some black coffee
  • Favorite song - "Sing Anyway" by Do-Re-Mimi
  • Favorite thing to do - Make superstars!
  • Favorite saying - What'd I tell ya?
  • When I retire I want to - Keep working, part time

Written by Mitch Friedman © 2005 Meechmusic. About Mitch